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The Top 5 Mileage Tracker Apps in 2021

A mileage tracker can save you from burning a hole in your pocket and can help you run your business in an organized way. Find out more about the five best ones.


When you keep track of your miles while traveling on account of your business, you can save a large proportion of your cash that you might have otherwise spent on taxes. Tracking your miles is an effective way of cutting costs; especially, if you are based in the US.

But first and foremost - how can you curb your business mileage? You can reduce your mileage if your trip serves only one purpose: traveling for work.

How To Deduct Your Business Mileage

You can enjoy a tax deduction on the mileage when you meet with clients or while you are on a sales call for a post office visit to dispatch shipment.

For instance, If you drive 15 miles to collect stock from a vendor and travel the same distance back to your workplace, you can save cash on 30 miles in total.

You can curb the money incurred as mileage tax by using a standard rate for each mile. The rate per mile was 54.5 cents in 2018. The following year, the rate per mile increased by 58 cents.

So, if you start keeping a tab on the miles you travel for business, the standard rate of mileage can significantly relieve your tax accountability.

In addition, food, lodging, and other costs that you might attract on the road are also deductible.

The Best Mileage Tracker Apps

The mileage tracker that will serve your business the best is incumbent on your needs. Various apps cater to different purposes. Given below is a list of the five best mileage tracker apps for your reference.


  • Free version: Calculates up to 40 trips every month
  • Premium version: $5.99/month, or $59.99/year (paid yearly)

Features of MileIQ

  • Automated mileage tracking: Once you indicate specific routes on the app, this mileage tracker app detects the routes automatically.
  • Work hours: MileIQ's mileage tracking is automatically activated during the work hours you have set on the app.
  • Integration with Excel and Freshbooks: If you want to use either of these applications for tracking mileage for taxes, MileIQ can send out reports to them.


  • Fulfills just one purpose: Although MileIQ is the best mileage tracker app for tracking mileage for taxes, it doesn't have any accounting tools to calculate costs.

Summing Up

MileIQ is the best mileage tracker app with features to mark your trip as "business." It recalls the route and allots it the same label for your future trips. This comes in handy if you regularly drive the same route for work. However, it is not applicable if you are a Rideshare driver because your routes will always vary.

The premium edition of the MileIQ mileage tracker has every version of Office 365 Premium.

MileIQ is not equipped with accounting capacities beyond calculating and tracking mileage.

Serves Best When

MileIQ is the best mileage tracker app if you are working at irregular hours, as you can set your working hours on the app.


  • Basic version: $5.99 per month or $59.88 per year (to be paid yearly)
  • Complete version: "Super Premium" begins at $10 per month

Features of SherpaShare

  • Limitless, automated mileage tracking: You can automatically make innumerable trips every month, tracking mileage for taxes via GPS.
  • SmartShare analysis for Rideshare drivers: You can track your hourly earnings and profit. You can follow a heatmap of the locations other drivers are active at and get suggestions on where to drive.


  • Does not offer a free version.

Summing Up

SherpaShare is a unique mileage tracker as it has features customized benefits for Rideshare drivers. The SmartDrive tools on the app help you keep tabs on your earnings by collecting data to help you profit more. The app's driver heatmap displays where your fellow drivers are operating from, so you can also map out your locations wisely.

SherpaShare has no free version.

Serves Best When

SherpaShare is apt for you if you are into the ridesharing business.


  • Free version: Has no automatic tracking number, a capacity of five vehicles
  • Full version: Basic plan is available at $2 per month, while the premium one costs $4 per month. Enterprise pricing is accessible on customer request.

Features of TripLog

  • It is an easy-to-use app that helps in tracking mileage for taxes. Additionally, it keeps a tab on several vehicles at a time. This mileage tracker app operates in a single system.
  • Multi-pronged ways for mileage tracking: It has various options by which this mileage tracker records your miles, such as connecting it via Bluetooth and manually.
  • Capturing photos for expenses: The employees can file their receipts for future expenses that they will incur on their trips.
  • Comparatively cheaper: The Basic and the Premium versions are pretty easy on your pocket than many other applications.


  • The free version lacks Automatic Tracking: the basic version offered by TripLog does not have automatic tracking, which, consequently, serves no purpose.

Summing Up

TripLog is the best mileage tracker app that you can use for tracking mileage for taxes. It systematically keeps a record of your employees' mileage. This mileage tracker starts by activating an on-screen widget automatically.

Serves You Best When

If you have to manage many employees and vehicles, TripLog is the best mileage tracker for the job.


  • Free Version: A single user and an automatic system for tracking
  • Premium version: $7.99 per month or $58.99 per year (which is paid yearly)

Features of Hurdlr

  • Additional costs: Tracking mileage for taxes counts among its most significant capabilities.
  • Integration with other apps: This mileage tracker can sync well with your other accounts, such as Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Uber Eats, to track your mileage while traveling for business.
  • Integration with your bank account: You can connect this mileage tracker app to your business' bank account, making dealing with your finances more manageable.


  • Starts sluggishly: A section of Hurdlr users have complained that their vehicles almost travel a mile by the time the app starts tracking.

Summing Up

Hurdlr syncs with Rideshare and similar other "gig economy" applications and counts the taxes systematically. The application helps you know the amount you owe to the IRS. However, the mileage reports that Hurdlr furnishes may not be accurate, as is reported by the app users.

Serves You Best

Hurdlr is the best mileage tracking app for real estate agents, freelancers, and 'gig economy workers.


  • Free version: Calculates up to 30 trips every month
  • Premium version: $8 every month or $60 every year (paid yearly)
  • Team version: Prices provided on request

Features of Everlance

  • Easy interface: Everyone who has used Everlance has reported that the app is plain, more dynamic, and can be effortlessly used when compared to other mileage tracking applications.
  • IRS forms: Everlance generates IRS forms and automatically catalogs the records of your mileage.
  • Mileage tracking via photos: You can click photos of your receipts generated through the app and upload them to the cloud.


  • Limited free features: This mileage tracker calculates only up to 30 trips every month if you use its free version.
  • Difficulty in detecting troubles: Everlance ceases to start automatically at times when you are beginning a trip. Thus, you have to closely follow the app while driving to ensure that it is functioning correctly

Summing Up

The app has an automated IRS form generation system that helps you file your taxes without any hassle.

However, defective automatic mileage tracking can be a stumbling block.

Serves You Best

The automatically generated IRS forms can be your best deal for the tax season.

Wrapping It Up

Mileage trackers are gradually taking the onus of keeping a record of your trips these days. Some free mileage trackers let you take a certain number of trips before making you sign up for the complete or paid package. Other mileage tracker applications do not offer a free version but have several exciting features to offer.

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