A Tale of Financial Success: Aura Finance's Partnership with Fincent

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A Journey to Financial Excellence: Aura Finance's Results with Fincent

Welcome to the Success Story of Aura Finance - a trailblazing financial services company founded in 2021 by Kelsey Willock and Courtney Cardin. Their mission is to empower underrepresented individuals on their path to building wealth. Aura Finance combines mindful money management techniques with personalized investment strategies to help clients make informed and empowered financial decisions.

A Journey to Financial Excellence: Aura Finance's Results with Fincent


Man hours saved


Transactions Auto-Categorized


Visibility into financial health


Customized financial reports generated

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As Aura Finance experienced rapid growth and expansion, they recognized the need to streamline their internal financial management processes. Managing finances using a Google spreadsheet was no longer sufficient for their scaling operations. They required a more sophisticated solution that could provide real-time insights, optimize workflows, and ensure accuracy and compliance. Transitioning away from manual processes and outdated tools was essential for their continued success.

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Enter Fincent – the intuitive, user-friendly financial management software that perfectly aligned with Aura Finance's mission and values. Fincent's platform offered an intuitive interface, eliminating the need for extensive training. It provided Aura Finance with real-time access to their financial information, enabling seamless management without hassle.

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"Fincent is intuitive, easy to use, and a lifesaver! It has significantly reduced costs & saved us countless hours on financial tasks."


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Time Savings and Efficiency

Fincent's automation features saved Aura Finance over 100 man-hours, streamlining their financial processes and allowing them to focus on their clients.

Automated Transactions

Fincent's automatic categorization of transactions reduced manual efforts, ensuring financial data accuracy.

Real-Time Visibility

With 24/7 access to their financial health, Aura Finance made informed decisions and stayed on top of important business metrics.

Customized Financial Reports

Fincent generated over 30 detailed reports, empowering Aura Finance with valuable insights for strategic planning.

Real Stories, Real Success: Watch Kelsey's Testimonial with Fincent

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Embrace the Future with Fincent

Fincent proved to be an invaluable partner in Aura Finance's journey of making mindful money management accessible and empowering for all. By leveraging Fincent's comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Aura Finance saved time, automated manual tasks, and gained unparalleled visibility into their financial health.

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