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How Fincent Changed
the Game for Burrst

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Empowering Sports Management:
Burrst's Fincent Triumph

Grant Sapkin

Empowering Sports Management:
Burrst's Fincent Triumph


Man hours saved


Saved on multiple software subscriptions


Visibility into financial health


Customised financial reports generated

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Running a sports management company is no easy feat. Grant faced several obstacles, including generating consistent revenue month after month and building a thriving community. On top of that, the burden of managing finances, bookkeeping, and tax filing was sapping valuable time and resources.

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Enter Fincent - the game-changing financial management solution that partnered with Burrst to turn things around. Grant found a reliable bookkeeping team that worked diligently on their books weekly, freeing him to focus on revenue generation, community building, and exceptional customer service.

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"Fincent has transformed my financial management. With their diligent handling of bookkeeping tasks and accurate tracking, everything has become more efficient. I appreciate the convenience of their website and mobile app. Highly satisfied with their service."

- Grant Sapkin, Founder & CEO,

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Fincent provided a complete overview of Burrst's finances, offering a seamless and easily navigable interface. Grant gained valuable insights, enabling informed decision-making and financial planning.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

With Fincent's pay and get paid features, Grant save $100+ on multiple software subscriptions for payments and invoicing. Fincent improved their financial operations, boosting efficiency and cutting costs.

Personalized Financial Reports

Burrst received customized financial reports tailored to their unique requirements. Over 20 detailed reports were generated, providing invaluable insights for Grant's strategic business decisions.

Unlocking Success:Grant Sapkin's Fincent Testimonial

Fincent has been a true game-changer

By entrusting their financial management to a reliable partner, Burrst witnessed unparalleled growth and success. Grant's financial burden transformed into streamlined efficiency and empowered him to focus on building relationships, helping student-athletes, and growing his business.

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