Find what you seek with Timeline

Transactions from your accounts flow into the Timeline, making your Timeline the single source of truth for all your accounts.


Your supercharged bank feed

  • All transactions from your bank and credit card accounts flow into the Timeline. It's your single source of truth to understand where your money flows.

  • Find transactions across your accounts with an all powerful search. Filter by tag, amount, description, and date.

Seamless bookkeeper collaboration

  • Automatic categorization, creating rules, and managing calls with your bookkeeper, everything you need to be in the know, here.

  • Add a comment or attach a bill in a click. Collaborating on your books has never been this easy!

“I like being able to categorize expenses super easily. I think that the support team is super, super fast at turning things around with a sense of urgency.”

testimonial by Kelsey Willock

Kelsey Willock


Aura Finance

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