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Amidst all the construction noises, you don’t need bookkeeping chaos. Leave that to us

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 Streamline  your construction bookkeeping
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Bookkeeping Slower Than Your Builds?

  • Instantly track and categorize labor, materials, and subcontractor expenses.

  • Streamline and manage all your projects, all at once.

  • Get in-depth valuable insights by analyzing your tax ready financial reports

  • Record and categorize all your expenses.

  • Save critical documents such as long-term contracts and invoices securely on the cloud.

Crafting memorable client journeys

Arjay Ruggles

"Fincent has managed to surprise me. This is incredibly well designed. It is very clear. They're on iOS too, it's probably the best thing!"

Arjay RugglesHomeroom

Grant Sapkin

"Fincent takes time off my hands, so I can focus on other priorities. My financial management has improved, and I'm highly satisfied with their service"

Grant SapkinBurrst

Simon Milberg

"Fincent is simple, gives me a quick view of what I need. I’ve never been excited about finances, and I'm ready to get into it!"

Simon MilbergASM Creative

Fincent; the smarter choice for your business

Transaction empowerment

Leverage advanced AI for automatic transaction categorization, expert reconciliation guidance, and ingenious suggestions. This ensures precise expense organization, accurate books, and efficient financial management.

Works with your financial tools

QuickBooks, Stripe or Shopify — Fincent plays nice with your tech stack and simplifies how you manage your finances. Which means you save both time and effort on accounting, invoicing, payments and more.

Specialized CFO Services

Unlock tailored financial insights to excel in budgeting, forecasting, and construction cash flow management. Master financial planning with comprehensive assistance and data-driven recommendations for your construction business.

Interactive Insights and Alerts

Generate visually striking interactive reports for in-depth financial analysis for your construction business. Stay updated with real-time notifications, ensuring you're always informed.

Vendor Management

Effortlessly manage vendor relationships. Quickly identify and resolve discrepancies in vendor transactions, ensuring transparent financial records and enhanced supply chain efficiency.

Financial Agility for your business

Identify and resolve bookkeeping discrepancies seamlessly, leaving no room for financial mysteries. Swiftly locates transactions using smart search criteria, ensuring an effortless user experience.

Simplify your construction bookkeeping now

Say goodbye to construction bookkeeping challenges and focus on growing your business

Designed for non-accountantsDesigned for non-accountants

We get you. Leave the jargon to the accountants. Fincent is delightfully simple yet powerful, designed specifically for non-accountants.

Personalized support, whenever, whereverPersonalized support, whenever, wherever

Have a doubt? Want clarity on a transaction? Transactions not categorized correctly? Your bookkeeper is here to help, just a click away.

Real-time insights, anywhereReal-time insights, anywhere

Stay in the know with Fincent on your iPhone. Optimize decision making with insights on your expenses, earnings and burn rate, from anywhere.

Solidify Your Finances -Take the First Step Towards Streamlined Bookkeeping!

Start Constructing a Stronger Financial Future!

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