Xendoo alternative for simplified bookkeeping

Fincent does what Xendoo can, only better, and with a visual platform you can control. They handle your bookkeeping, we just do it better with cloud-based software.

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Realtime financial updates

Realtime financial

Money back service guarantee

Money back service

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Fincent vs. Xendoo

  Fincent Logo - Black Xendoo Image
Bookkeeping Software Proprietary + QuickBooks Quickbooks online only
Bookkeeping Frequency Weekly Monthly
Catchup Bookkeeping Yes Yes
Invoicing Yes No
Tax return prep and filing Yes Yes
Bill payments Yes No
Pricing (Plans starting from) $169/Month, billed monthly/annually $395/Month, billed monthly/annually

We'll let our customers convince you

"Fincent delivers what they promise — peace of mind. I can truly focus on my business and my projects without worrying about the tedium of accounting."

- Noel Cabrera

"Fincent has been amazing in taking over our bookkeeping needs for two companies! I enjoy working with their software and their team has been awesome"

- Monica Snideman

"Fincent revolutionized HEALiX Infrared's finances, fostering holistic wellness for all. Automation and insights drove incredible efficiency and growth. Grateful for this partnership!"

- Michael Browne
  Fincent Logo - Black Xendoo Image
Bookkeeping software $179/mo $395/mo
Tax filing $125/mo $100/mo
Catchup bookkeeping $179/mo $295/mo
Project tracking $150/mo Bench Small Icon

Fincent's better, here's why

Know your money

Know your money

Track your spends. Categorize your expenses, get clear spending insights and reports

Fast, friendly support

Fast, friendly support

We're a swipe away, your bookkeeper will respond ASAP. No ghosting, we swear

Your personal bookkeeper

Your personal bookkeeper

Hassle-free bookkeeping with a personal touch. A dedicated bookkeeper at your service

Quick invoicing

Quick invoicing

Who doesn't like instant money? Whip em' up, share, and track invoices effortlessly

Easy payments

Easy payments

Make payment a breeze for your customers, and securely settle payments with your vendors

Beautiful software

Beautiful software

Navigate your finances effortlessly on the Fincent dashboard; built for the business owner's ease of use

Customer Testimonials

"Fincent has managed to surprise me. This is incredibly well designed. It is very clear. They're on iOS too, it's probably the best thing!"

Arjay Ruggles Arjay Ruggles

"Fincent takes time off my hands, so I can focus on other priorities. My financial management has improved, and I'm highly satisfied with their service"

Grant Sapkin Grant Sapkin

"Fincent is simple, gives me a quick view of what I need. I’ve never been excited about finances, and I'm ready to get into it!"

Simon Milberg Simon Milberg

Time is money. Fincent saves both.



Get access to key metrics of your business and draw insights to drive success

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Search and sort through your unified feed of transactions. Know the flow of your money

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Get paid

Get Paid

Who doesn't love getting paid? Send invoices and track the money owed to you

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Add a bill, pay a vendor, or clear dues. Do it with Fincent

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A comprehensive view of your customers, vendors, and subscriptions

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Find all your financial reports— PnL , cashflow, income and expense statements

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Your secure shoebox in the cloud. Find that invoice from your customer in a jiffy

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Because peace of mind is priceless.

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