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From the founder's desk

Hrush Bhatt

Fincent exists to let creative entrepreneurs save time and money through delightful, simple and affordable services. As creatives ourselves, we know how painful managing business finances can be, so we decided to build a better experience. If you want to join a team of really great folks and create something that will help millions of small businesses save time and money, then we want to hear from you.

Hrush Bhatt
CEO & Co-Founder

We love creating well crafted and delightful products

We love creating well crafted and delightful products

We love creating well crafted and delightful products

Fincent was built on the belief that financial busywork would no longer slow down progress. Instead, it would be the catalyst that unlocks the potential of businesses, big and small. It would adapt to cater to people so a new era in financial services could begin.

We’re an opinionated software company that’s driven by the latest technology and powered by our talented people. By providing paperwork riddance, we’re able to give people what they need the most — peace of mind.

No lingo, no fine print, and no judgement. Our team is 100% on your side.

Don’t take our word for it

Arjay Ruggles

I love working with such a dedicated team. Everyone at Fincent is passionate about what we are doing. It’s a unique experience where I get to collaborate with people living in different parts of the world.

Shana Thadani • Product

Arjay Ruggles

What attracted me to Fincent was the smart, fun and diverse team, a flexible work environment with self driven team members and the opportunity to learn and create fantastic products.

Tasmai • Product

Arjay Ruggles

I really learned a lot during my internship at Fincent. Everyone was extremely welcoming and helpful, and I gained some vital real-world experience with a growing and driven team!

Eshaan • Engineering

Working for Fincent has its perks

Embracing Quality

At Fincent, we hold quality in the highest regard, valuing it over mere quantity. We promote flat hierarchies, granting you complete ownership and accountability for the projects under your purview.

Competitive Compensation

Join us at Fincent and enjoy a competitive salary with performance-based incentives, recognizing your valuable contributions and fostering career growth opportunities.

Empowering Growth

At Fincent, we prioritize employee development through a range of in-house learning programs and provide an educational stipend, enabling our team members to pursue continuous learning and advancement.

Flexible Working Hours

We work on schedules that best fit our lives. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work. This freedom and mutual trust permeate the organization.

Work With The Best

True to our principle of Hire Better Than Us, Fincenters represent the best of all domains. Working with such a talented group of professionals is a source of constant learning and inspiration. Never a dull moment, indeed.

Autonomous Culture

At Fincent, we embrace an autonomous culture that encourages ownership and independent operation. Our team members have the freedom to innovate and experiment while staying accountable to our larger objectives.

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