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Letter 5071C

Form 5071C is an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) letter sent to taxpayers to verify identity before refunding taxes or making changes to their account. It asks for personal identification information and to confirm their mailing address. Typically, the form is mailed to the taxpayer if the agency believes a submitted tax return may be fraudulent. The person listed on the tax return must confirm their identity using the form to enable the IRS to resume processing of the tax return.

How does the Form 5071C letter work?

The 5071C letter is sent when the IRS has reason to believe that the taxpayer's identity may have been compromised, or when there is a discrepancy on the tax return.

Here are the steps and key points to keep in mind about how Form 5071C works:

  • The letter will be sent to the address on file with the IRS. It's important to make sure that your address is up to date with the IRS so that you receive the letter.
  • The recipient of the letter has 30 days to respond, but the IRS can still process the form after this time. Respondents have the option to verify their identity online, by phone, or in person with an IRS representative.
  • The letter will request certain personal identification information, such as your name, address, and Social Security number or a taxpayer identification number, as well as confirming your mailing address.
  • You may be asked to provide documentation to verify your identity, such as a copy of your driver's license or passport. To verify online, taxpayers must visit the IRS website's "Identity and Tax Return Verification Service" and register for an account. They will need to have their Form 5071C letter and a photo ID on hand to complete the process.
  • Verification by phone may also require providing personal information such as
    • Date of birth
    • The previous tax return form
    • Form 5071C letter
    • The current tax return being referenced (usually 1040 Form)
    • Any other relevant documents, such as W-2s, that were filed with the tax return.
  • Once the IRS receives your response, they will review the information provided and determine if your identity has been verified.
  • If your identity is verified, the IRS will process your tax refund or changes to your tax account.
  • If your identity is not verified, the IRS may take further action, such as requesting additional information or denying your tax refund.

Note: If you suspect that you have received a call from an individual claiming to be an IRS representative, you can verify the authenticity of the call by contacting the official IRS customer service number at 800-829-4933. You can also ask to speak with the representative who called you. If you believe that you have been a victim of a scam, you can report it by calling 800-366-4484 or by emailing [email protected]


How can you contact the IRS if you lost a 5071C form?

Contact the IRS to request replacement. Call toll-free for individuals: 800-829-1040, businesses: 800-829-4933.

What happens if you don't verify identity or verify or respond to the IRS?

If you fail to respond to Form 5071C, the IRS will not be able to process your tax return. The sole purpose of the 5071C letter is to verify the identity of the taxpayer before processing the returns. Essentially, your tax refund will get delayed until you verify the identity. Also, you won’t receive credits or refunds until your identity is verified.

How long does it take to get a refund after 5071C?

Once your identity has been verified through Form 5071C be it online or mobile, and there are no other issues, the IRS will process your tax return. It may take up to 9 weeks for the refund to be received after the verification process is completed.

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