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Fincent partners with Shiny— specialized talent platform for Fractional CFOs

The fractional model is a win-win for executives and the businesses they work with— Startups now have access to C-level talent and expertise while executives gain freedom and flexibility by working with multiple businesses.

An entrepreneurial revolution is underway! C-level executives are no longer tied to a single business. Today, they can work with multiple organizations as part-time or “fractional” C-level executives.

The fractional model is a win-win for executives and the businesses they work with— Startups now have access to C-level talent and expertise while executives gain freedom and flexibility by working with multiple businesses.

The Fincent team is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with (link: text: Shiny), the leading marketplace for fractional CFOs, CTOs, and other C-level executives. The partnership between Fincent and Shiny will benefit CFOs who want to move away from full-time jobs and step into the fractional world to work with multiple dynamic startups.

The partnership unlocks a suite of bookkeeping and accounting offerings for a fractional CFO's clients. Fincent offers CFOs round-the-clock access to an AI-powered platform and a dedicated team of bookkeepers.

Together, Shiny will connect fractional CFOs to the top startups in the industry and then Fincent’s financial platform and service will enable both the fractional CFO’s and the startups’ success.

Fractional CFOs and their role in startups

Many CFOs would love to work at young, dynamic startups. But most startups cannot afford an experienced and skilled CFO. But they can afford a fraction of their time.

Enter Fractional CFOs.

A fractional CFO is a CFO who has divided their time between multiple organizations and their role at startups typically includes-

  • Financial forecasting and modeling
  • Mitigating risks & recognizing opportunities well in advance.
  • Raising capital to invest in product development or expansion.
  • Devising both short and long-term strategies to save money via building or re-working a financial model or user interface in double quick time.
  • Taking ownership of specific business functions and/or their corresponding activities.
  • Analyzing whether startups can hire more talent or invest in a new line of business

Introducing Shiny


CFOs today bring with them a plethora of skill sets and expert knowledge gathered over time. Their rich experience with multiple firms and a wide variety of roles within them make them a sought-after asset in the talent market.

Similarly, ambitious startups need expertise and guidance to reach their goals but their limited size and funds make it difficult for them to compete directly with large organizations for C-level hires.

Shiny connects fractional CFOs to startups and enables them to work fractionally with multiple startups. 3 things they offer to make joining Shiny an easy decision are:

  • Useful resources
  • A supportive community
  • Introductions to potential clients who are looking to hire -

Shiny, not only makes the hiring process extremely simple and straightforward but also educates clients on both the importance and accessibility of hiring a fractional CFO.

Getting started on Shiny is easy

Step 1: Sign Up

Tell us what you are looking for— List requirements, preferences, and experience. After Shiny’s vetting process, they make sure professionals are matched to the startups or SMBs.

Step 2: Secure Interviews

Get responses from companies who are interested. Shiny matches the right executives to startups and SMBs. Once they review a profile and pitch, an interview will be scheduled.

Step 3: Get Hired

Get Hired & Onboarded With Ease. Shiny streamlines the process from start to finish, including contract signing, invoicing, payments, and (link: text: 1099)s.


Top features of Shiny, the Fractional marketplace

Zero Deposits

Shiny takes no deposits or fees until you are satisfied with the talent hired.

Expedited Process

With Shiny, it takes weeks not months to hire a fractional CFO. The platform is best placed not only to provide ideal resources, but also to provide within expected timelines.

Vetted Talent Pool

400+ vetted talent to choose from various verticals, vouched for by past and current employers/peers.

Hands-on Support

Shiny will assist with the entire process from shortlisting to finalizing a candidate and facilitate contract management and signing, invoicing, payments, and 1099s.


Get a shortlist of 5 Fractional Executives, in 48 hours, highly relevant to your job description.

Flexible Pricing

You can hire fractional CFOs for as low as $125/hour or go as high as $600/hour for top-class executives

No Extra Burden

Shiny takes care of contract mankind and signing, invoicing, payments, and 1099s

How Fincent works for CFOs

Fincent can simplify business finance management for fractional CFOs. Every feature is built to make life less cumbersome. Fincent can help with bookkeeping, financial reporting, paying taxes, and more.

Fractional CFOs can negate the tediousness and frustration of using different software for every client by connecting to Fincent’s secure platform which enables the user to view multiple financial profiles to drive better results.

Specifically for CFOs, Fincent supports a growing fractional CFO client base thanks to the dedicated bookkeeper on each Fincent account. Fincent takes a heavy burden off your shoulders to manage company books weekly.

A user-friendly interface also guarantees that fractional CFOs, startups and founders all enjoy using the system while still saving time. And now they can engage more in key strategic and performance aspects of the business instead of the daily chore of financial upkeep and processes.


In conclusion

The partnership between Fincent and Shiny benefits CFOs who want to step away from full-time work and step into the fractional world to get more freedom and work with multiple startups.

The partnership also brings out business efficiency. Business goals of operating standards, increasing profit, and driving key performance metrics can be achieved at an effective rate with the newly available talent and tools for the job that Shiny and Fincent provide.

Shiny connects fractional CFOs to multiple startups in a carefully curated and organized manner while (link: text: Fincent) takes care of the daily financial busywork to free up the Fractional CFOs time so that they can endeavor to work with even more startups. Together, Shiny and Fincent deliver more clients, more success, more profits for fractional CFOs.

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