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Revolutionizing Wellness:
Healix Infrared's Success
Journey with Fincent.

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Healix's Journey to Financial Stability:
A Partnership with Fincent


Healix's Journey to Financial Stability:
A Partnership with Fincent


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Financial visibility


Customised financial reports generated

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On their mission to transform healthcare, Healix faced daunting financial challenges— managing budget complexities and ensuring consistent cash flow were constant hurdles that hindered their expansion efforts. These problems threatened their ability to deliver innovative wellness solutions.

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Recognizing Healix's dedication, Fincent intervened with precision. Leveraging their expertise, Fincent implemented streamlined financial processes that simplified Healix's financial management. By offering real-time analytics, expense optimization, and strategic investment guidance, Fincent paved the way for Healix to thrive. Now unburdened by financial complexities, Healix could dedicate its energies entirely to pioneering healthcare solutions, further enriching its patients' lives and contributing meaningfully to the realm of wellness.

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"Fincent has been an invaluable partner for our business. Their meticulous approach to financial management and their ability to simplify complex processes have transformed the way we operate. The automation techniques they introduced not only saved us time but also significantly improved the accuracy of our financial records. What truly sets Fincent apart is their prompt and responsive service. Whenever we faced a challenge, their team was quick to provide expert guidance and support, allowing us to make informed decisions with confidence. I can't recommend Fincent enough for their exceptional professionalism and dedication to their clients' success."


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Automated Categorization

Fincent revolutionized Healix's financial management by implementing advanced automation techniques such as the rules feature. As a result, 70% of transactions were accurately categorized automatically, saving time and ensuring precision in financial records.


Healix faced challenges in reconciling Shopify sales, loans, and inventory. Fincent provided expert guidance and successfully updated all Shopify-related entries in the books, ensuring accurate and transparent financial reporting.

Prompt and Responsive Service

Fincent addressed Michaele's concerns promptly and efficiently. Our commitment to providing swift responses exceeded his expectations. Micheal can now take informed business decisions with confidence.

Micheal Brown from Healix explains how
Fincent enables him to do more

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Embrace the Future with Fincent

Fincent stood as an invaluable partner in Healix's journey, making holistic health and financial wellness accessible to all. By harnessing Fincent's robust features and intuitive platform, Healix saved time, automated manual tasks, and gained unmatched insights into their financial well-being.

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